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10 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

GOSH Lip 'N' Shine Gloss Review

I love these GOSH lip glosses! Everything about them is amazing, not only are the colours really pretty and sparkly but they have LED lights and a mirror built into them! So perfect!

I purchased the two colours that i knew would suit me the most. I prefer wearing pale or pink shades with my skin tone and hair colour. My favorite is 'Soft Rosa 03', as it is more of a nude shimmer. The shimmer is really pretty, it's not too sparkly, just enough i would say!
'Rosa 04' is more of a pink shade, it is still quite subtle but very gorgeous.

These are my new favorites, i wear them everyday. The built in lights and mirror is so convenient when you're out and about. They retail at around £8.50 each. You can buy them from Superdrug.

Has anyone else tried them? What did you think?


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